Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Marietta, GA

Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Marietta, GA

Keep your shower hot and steamy

Step into a nice, warm shower – not a freezing cold one. When your water heater breaks down, the HVAC contractors at Cobb Air, Inc. can be on the scene right away. We work with all types of water heaters, including:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Tankless

We can also repair your heat pump if needed. Call 770-439-2665 today to schedule a water heater replacement.

5 signs you need a new water heater

Not sure whether your water heater needs to be replaced or repaired? Here are five signs it’s time to throw in the towel and replace your water heater:

  1. Your water has stopped getting hot. If you can’t get your water temperature to rise above lukewarm, it may be time for a water heater replacement.
  2. Your hot water smells and tastes metallic. If this happens only when you turn the hot water on, it’s probably a sign that your heater has rusted, not your pipes.
  3. Your hot water heater makes more noise than it used to. This could indicate mineral buildup or a crack somewhere in the tank.
  4. There’s a puddle of water around your hot water heater. When you have a leak in your tank, you need to replace your heater right away.
  5. You’ve already repaired your water heater, but the problem came back. This probably means that your water heater has reached the end of its useful life.

When your water heater gives out, trust the HVAC contractors at Cobb Air in Marietta, GA to replace it in no time.