Restore the Comfort of Your Marietta, GA Home

Restore the Comfort of Your Marietta, GA Home

Air conditioning installation and replacement services

Without a functional heater and air conditioner, your home can start to feel very uncomfortable. When your unit breaks down, Cobb Air, Inc. offers speedy replacements with top-of-the-line units. Not sure if your unit needs to be replaced or repaired? Contact a Cobb Air HVAC contractor to schedule an appraisal at your Marietta, GA home.

3 signs you need a new heater or air conditioner

Unfortunately, even the best heaters and air conditioners can’t last forever. Here are three signs your unit is on its last legs:

  1. Your HVAC system is old. Most units are built to last between 10 and 20 years.
  2. Your energy bills are much higher than usual. This often indicates a leak somewhere in your heating and cooling system.
  3. You’ve had to repair your heater or air conditioner several times already. If this is the case, it may be cheaper to replace it.

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